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The Parish Strategic plan is a road map for actualizing our mission of reaching beyond ourselves, extending hospitality, cultivating community, and becoming one family in Christ.  Periodic progress reports measure what we've achieved in following that path.

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Strategic Planning Committee

Review year 2023 – Plan for 2024


Our group focuses its planning around our vision statement “A people reaching beyond ourselves, extending hospitality, cultivating community, becoming one family in Christ.”

We have four primary goals:


  1.  Make mission the driving force of church activities

  2. Develop strong lay leadership

  3. Develop partnerships with church and community groups

  4. Become financially self-sustaining

Mission- This past year we continued our mission work with Alianza Agricola for their monthly meetings and Day of Dead celebration.  The Las Cazuelas ladies used our kitchen for their monthly pop-up meals and the Upper South Street monthly dinners were held as well as a new craft program started.  The Mexican Consulate used the Parish Hall for two days assisting the farmworkers with their legal matters.  Continued support was given for the Food Pantry and Changes and Changes.  The Ladies Luncheon expanded their reach into the community by inviting people outside of our parish.   In 2024, we plan to continue our work with all of these groups and increase our involvement wherever we can. 


Concentrating on Mission, we reached out to the acapella groups at SUNY Geneseo and they held two “Raise the Roof” concerts at the church.   One of their members now sings in our choir.   The SUNY girls’ basketball team joined us for a lasagna dinner.  Several of these girls live in our college rental, the Bennett House.   Plans were made to attend some of their games in 2024 as well as connect with students whether through meals or programs that are of interest to them.


Leadership- The development of lay leadership is critical to our congregation.   This year we sent three people to the College of Congregational Development.   They will attend again this July for one week.  These leaders will bring their skills back and hold leadership training.   This coming year we will also engage in an outside facilitator to help us with our internal processes and procedures for parishioners to organize and be strong leaders.


 Collaboration- As a start in reconnecting with other Geneseo churches, we held ecumenical services on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday at the Interfaith Center.  We will continue to develop partnerships with other churches in the community.   The Parish Hall has served as a conduit for connecting with the community to name a few: wedding receptions, Kiwanis meetings, music classes, exercise classes, and AA meetings.  The Scarecrow Stroll and Cookie Stroll brought hundreds of people to our church and gave us a chance to participate with the Geneseo Downtowners group.   We will continue to open our doors to the community. 


Financial- To become financially self-sustaining, we held our yearly stewardship campaign, greeted new members, which increases our pledge base and held fund raising events, such as the Chicken BBQ, Pulled Pork BBQ and Pancake Supper.  The “Raise the Roof” campaign was highly successful in completing the slate roof replacement project.  We also have two college rentals that assist in our income base. We will work to see that these are filled to capacity.  This fall we rented the Rectory which will bring us additional income. This coming year we will complete our filing for the 501C3 which will allow us to apply for more grants, especially those that are for building maintenance and restoration.


Building Restoration is not of the four strategic goals but in order for us to accomplish many of our goals, it is necessary that we also plan and take care of our physical properties.  The accomplishments were many this year and to name a few:  the slate roof on the northside of the church was replaced, the trim on the Rectory was painted, the exterior of 13 Ward Place, college housing, was painted, one of the stained-glass windows in the lounge was replaced, the driveway was sealed and painted, new appliances were purchased and installed in the Rectory and a new roof was put on the Rectory garage.  For 2024, we are exploring a new security and fire alarm system for both the church and the Rectory. 


Our mission and this strategic plan is only successful by the work, the prayers and support of all of our Members.  A great “thank you” to all that have helped us reach our goals.

2023 Members:

MaryLou Boynton

Ann Dawson

Jim Garner

Diane Hamilton

Michael Laver

Dan Milgate

Jim Whitehead

Retired – Liz Porter

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