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The Parish Strategic plan is a road map for actualizing our mission of reaching beyond ourselves, extending hospitality, cultivating community, and becoming one family in Christ.  Periodic progress reports measure what we've achieved in following that path.

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May 2022



A people reaching beyond ourselves, extending hospitality, cultivating community, becoming one family in Christ.


GOAL: Build a larger, more diverse and inclusive congregation

Expanding handicap access to extend hospitality to all

  • Hearing loop installed 2019

  • Lift replaced May 2022

  • ADA bathroom created May 2022

  • Ramp to west entrance to Narthex planned for 2023-24.

Live streaming worship services for those unable to attend in person.

Supporting interfaith and College use of the Parish Hall.

  • Partnered with SUNY Geneseo, St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church and Episcopal Diocese of Rochester to bring Dr. Kyle David Bennett to lead 2021

  • Hosted an Inter-Faith Dinner Dialog with the Turkish Cultural Center 2019


GOAL: Develop missions to Geneseo and Livingston County

Mission to Upper South Street to demonstrate caring and build community

  • Began with monthly St. Michael’s Dinners to bring residents and members of St Michael’s together to build community.

  • Obtained Diocesan grant for $3600 to help with expense.

  • During COVID lockdown, St. Michael’s served 2990 meals to residents.

  • Monthly St. Michael’s Dinners for Upper South Street residents and members of St. Michael’s have resumed.Average attendance is ~ 30.

  • Music by St. Michael’s musicians has been added to dinners.

  • Beginning to involve SUNY Geneseo college students as guests and conversational partners at dinners.

  • A monthly crafts group has started.


Mission to Geneseo to build community by developing a Peace Garden, a public space for quiet gatherings and reflection

  • Purchased 13 Ward Place lot

  • Working with community members to develop a plan for garden

  • Secured Diocesan grant for $4300

  • Installed water hook-up

  • Work scheduled to begin May 2022 and finish July 2022.


Mission to increase support of the Geneseo Food Pantry to serve residents of Livingston County who face food shortage.

  • Increased financial support

  • Including food donations in worship services


Mission to Alianza Agricola in support of migrant farmworkers.

  • Made St. Michael’s space available for monthly meetings

  • Supported Green Light New York so workers could obtain drivers’ licenses

  • Hosted visits by Mexican Consulate so workers could get passports

  • Hosted dinner and panel discussion with Alianza leadership and residents of Geneseo to build mutual understanding

  • Showed respect for Mexican traditions by working with the Genesee Valley Arts Council to host Day of the Dead Celebration.

  • Made kitchen space available to Las Cazuelas Cooperativas so they can prepare and sell Mexican dinners.


GOAL: Become financially stable.

Obtained a Congregational Development Grant from the Diocese to provide ~$120,000 operating funds over 5 years.


Purchased 11 Ward Place to provide $22,000 additional net operational income annually

  • Raised $71,795 in donations

  • Drew on $110,000 from CDA


Received Paycheck Protection Program loans in 2020 and 2021 for operational expenses.  Loans totaling $41,680 are forgiven.


Obtained grants and donations to address building needs so that the CDA not be depleted.  Explored alternative funding (Go-Fund-Me)

  • $7000 New York Landmarks Conservancy grant for Building Condition Survey

  • $201,205 for Kitchen/Parish Hall Renovation raised

  • $41,645 New lift completely funded

  • $100,000 for “essential” roof repairs donated by Mour/Wade family


GOAL:  With Building and Grounds, address building needs

  • Building Condition Survey by Bero Architects completed

  • New steps into the Parish Hall

  • Canopy over the entrance to lift

  • Drainpipes scoped and blocked area cleared so water no longer runs into Parish Hall

  • Kitchen/Parish Hall/ADA Bathroom project completed May 2022

  • Commercial grade dehumidifiers installed in basement rooms May 2022

  • Sump pump installed in the basement ladies’ room May 2022

  • Roof repairs/replacement in 2022-23

  • Lift replacement May 2022


Looking forward

  • Working with insights gained from Renewal Works, plan to rebuild attendance at in-person worship to pre-Covid levels.

  • With improved access to the renovated Parish Hall, strengthen and expand community outreach and missions to Geneseo and Livingston County.Build on our location on Main Street to develop a mission of providing space for community activities.

  • Renovate men’s and ladies’ rooms in basement.

  • Build on our successes in fundraising and grant acquisition to proceed with repairs to the physical plant without adversely affecting the CDA.

  • Update and integrate St. Michael’s financial systems with Tompkins Bank Online Banking.

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