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What does scripture reveal and conceal about the Christ of God?

An online study Wednesdays, May 20, 27 & June 3 @ 12PM

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The Sayings and Teachings of Jesus: An Online Study and Discussion. Beginning May 20 @ 12PM, Fr. Daniel will offer a 3 part discussion, unpacking the sayings and teachings of Jesus, inviting discussion over passages of scripture long taken for granted as being easily and clearly understood.

We often extract the words from the Word when we read scripture. Understanding context, culture, and language, however, as well as learning to interpret the Gospels in the light of the Gospel, Jesus Christ, opens us to a new understanding of parables, sayings, teachings, and more, whereby we learn to be read by the scriptures, so that they come to interpret us.

Reading sacred scripture is more akin to a relationship with a friend than it is reading history or fiction. Nevertheless, just like reading a novel, certain things jump out to us based on where we are in our life when we’re reading the text. If I’m reading a book about a family where the children and parents seem to be disconnected, I can’t help but read myself and our family into the story, wondering how strong my connection is between my children and me, which is directly related to the actual relationships I have with my wife and children. Similarly, how I read scripture is inseparable from my felt sense of relationship with God. It is also bound up with my own habits of prayer and worship, as well as the habits of prayer and worship (or lack thereof) of my neighbors.


All of this and more, most of which flies under the radar of conscious awareness, comes with us when we hear or read scripture. It backgrounds our approach to scripture, how we feel when we read or hear its reading, which can expand or constrict how we interpret sacred writings. If we allow the culture of the text and the culture of our lives to remain hidden from our engagement, which will miss out on the fullness of what the scriptures offer and the spiritual growth to which they call us.

If you would like to participate in this journey through the Sayings and Teachings of Jesus, please follow the registration link above. As the series is finalized, registrants will be notified and will receive any additional information or items that may help with participation in the discussions, such as readings. No preparation required.


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