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COVID-Task Force Plan for Re-entry


Physical Distancing

  • Please maintain physical distance between persons or family groups

  • Enter through the Main Entrance of the Church, unless needing to use the lift in the back

  • Pews will be marked for use and non-use, please strictly observe. Families should sit together, keeping 6ft between persons or other families

  • Worshippers will be greeted by an usher. If you do not have a mask, a mask will be provided. Everyone is asked to use hand sanitizer.

  • Bulletins will be in the pews. Please take these home or place in recycle bin upon exiting.

  • Please maintain 6ft between persons/families, even when entering the church

  • If the Church reaches maximum capacity for physical distancing, the service will be livestreamed in the Parish Hall, observing the same social distancing measures

  • Masks must be worn at all times, removing only to receive communion. Please remain silent when receiving Communion, so to avoid vapors from the mouth when receiving.

  • Hands must be sanitized immediately before receiving Communion. An usher will be stationed with sanitizer for all to receive in advance.

  • Signage will be on the floor to indicate 6ft separation, which is to be maintained when receiving Communion.

  • The offering plate will be in the back of the church by the font. Please leave your offerings there on your way into church, to be offered during the offertory. The plate will not be distributed. Gifts not offered beforehand may be given when exiting the church.

  • Ushers will direct the flow of parishioners leaving the Church, as during Communion, one pew at a time. Should you desire to linger in the church, you will be asked to wait until everyone has left before leaving your pew.

  • Parishioners will be directed to take all disposable items with them when leaving.

Personal Protection

  • Parishioners are asked NOT to attend in-person services if they have had a positive Covid test or Covid-19 symptoms within the last 14 days.

  • We also ask that all parishioners take their temperature before attending services and NOT to attend if they have a fever.

  • Signage reminding persons of these guidelines will be placed at the entrance of the Church.

  • Face coverings will be available, but worshippers are encouraged to bring their own.

  • An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser will be placed at the entrance to the Church.

  • For contact tracing purposes (by the Livingston County Health Department) ushers will keep a record of those attending. PLEASE NOTE: Some persons are better at remembering names than others, and in some situations names simply do not come to mind immediately. Please do not take offense if you are asked for your name. Be gracious and hospitable to your ushers if they ask you to remind them who you are.

  • Hearing devices will be sanitized between services.


Sanitizing the Space

  • All pews will be sanitized between services. NOTE: only one service will be offered at this time, at 9:30AM. We will continue to discern this change moving forward.

  • Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized between services. Wipes and hand sanitizer will be available in the bathrooms for worshippers to clean after their use.

  • The lift from the parking lot will be sanitized between services.



  • Services will not involve singing for the foreseeable future. There WILL be music. 

  • Communion will be received in only one kind, the consecrated bread.

  • Potlucks and coffee hours will not take place at this time.

  • There will be no Sunday School until further notice.

  • We are exploring how and when to reopen the church for meetings.

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