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Practicing Year-Round Stewardship—Time, Talent, Treasure

            As Christians and responsible citizens of the world, we are called upon to care for those people, relationships and institutions that are important to us and to others.  We offer these gifts in terms of time, talent and treasure in large and small ways throughout the year, not just during the annual fall Stewardship Campaign.


            At St. Michael’s we gratefully acknowledge all that our parishioners donate for the welfare of the church and each other, as well as practicing good stewardship outside our walls. The following items are just a few examples of meaningful stewardship within St. Michael’s.



            Cleaning, polishing, ironing, ushering, greeting newcomers, serving, reading, preparing

the altar, making music, arranging flowers, counting the offering, decorating, making

 palm crosses


Building and Grounds:

Mowing, sweeping, shed-cleaning, planting, repairing and maintaining, preparing the

undercroft and kitchen for the Renovation Project


Mission and Outreach:

            Supporting Alianza Agricola and Las Cazuelas, sharing meals and fellowship with Upper  

South Street, giving to the Food Pantry and Chances and Changes, answering the call for

 Ukrainian refugees, knitting prayer shawls and sharing them with those in need


Hospitality, Parishioner Care, Christian Formation:

            Participating in coffee hours, welcoming all, sending cards and making calls, reaching

out to those who can’t be with us, arranging receptions and other social events,

teaching, leading discussions



            Pledging and donating, supporting the Renovation Project, managing our rental

 properties, subsidizing purchases for the church, working on fund-raisers


            +  Sharing artistic, technological, domestic, and musical talents


            +  Helping your neighbors, friends and fellow parishioners in various ways


            You probably find yourself somewhere in the above musings.  Your Stewardship Team

gives thanks for all that you do for the church and others.


                                                       Mary Lou Boynton, Karen Canning, Anita Whitehead, Sandy Wilcox

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