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A Journey through the Scriptures

Learning to read the scriptures with our hearts, souls and minds.

A Dialogue with Fr. Daniel.

A Zoom link will be sent to all online registrants the week of the first study.


Schedule and additional information below.

How are we to read and approach the scriptures?

Are all translations of the Bible the same?

Does my environment affect how I interpret the scriptures?

Do I need to learn Greek and Hebrew?

Can I study the scriptures on my own?

"A Journey through the Scriptures" is an opportunity to approach the scriptures with a deeper awareness of the purpose of why they were written, the context of their writing, the purpose of our reading them and how our own context affects our interpretation.

Each participant is encouraged to purchase a copy of David Bentley Hart's Translation of the New Testament, available on Amazon and at Sundance Books on Main Street. We will wrestle with various aspects of the Old Testament scriptures, but we will focus much of our attention on New Testament writings. Hart's translation is not only an excellent translation, it is also a useful resource for understanding the language and context of sacred scripture.


The purpose of this study is to learn how to newly approach the scriptures, with a mind to how our own approach to these sacred writings affect their ability to take root in our lives and guide us in our journey toward Christ.




Wednesdays @ 7PM ONLINE: Oct. 21; Nov. 4, 18; Dec. 2 & 16

Saturdays, with High Mass @ 6PM in St. Michael's Church, discussion in person @ 7PM: Nov. 7 & 21; Dec. 5 & 19 (NOTE: Due to a COVID spike in Livingston County there is no Contemplative Mass on November 7. See HERE for more details.)



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