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Saint Michael’s Vestry is a body of elected members who, with the rector, lead and govern the life and ministry of our church. Vestry members are elected to a three year office and may serve two consecutive terms. Among the Vestry are also the Junior and Senior Wardens. These persons are elected to a two year office and may also serve two terms.


Vestry Members:

Stephen Kelley, Senior Warden, ’22

Andrea Milgate, Junior Warden, ’22

Barry Hofecker, ’23

Karen Canning, ’22

Monica Hershberger, '23
Diane Hamilton, ’24

Liz Porter, ’23
Rebecca Rio, ’23

Ron Pollock, ’24

Austin Judkins, '24

Sandy Wilcox '22
Elaine VanSon, Clerk of the Vestry

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